Poor has experience in lobbying and public affairs. Poor’s practice includes consulting in strategic communications, media, community outreach, grassroots mobilization and government relations.  Poor has specialized expertise in resolving NIMBY disputes and managing development-related controversies.  He has successful track record in managing bond issues, ballot measures and statewide referendums.  He works with companies, trade associations, non-profits and interest groups in creating issue and legislative advocacy programs.
Poor has been a consultant to Republican and Democratic political campaigns. He has served as a rural issues advisor to Congressional and gubernatorial candidates. Poor served as Executive Director of the Republican Party of Kansas.  In 2004, the National Journal named him a “rising star” in Kansas politics.   Between 1994 and 2002, Poor worked on sixteen political campaigns in eight states.  Poor managed legislative projects in Vermont, New Hampshire, Montana, Colorado, Kansas and Oklahoma.  Poor has extensive experience in PAC and campaign finance compliance.
Poor has worked in corporate public affairs in agribusiness and renewable energy.  He was spokesperson for the Seaboard Corporation in development of pork processing and CAFO projects during the mid-90s.  Additionally, Poor directed investor relations, corporate communications and external affairs for Green Plains Renewable Energy (NASDAQ: GPRE).